Modern Moroccan 2012

How do you jazz up your beloved neutral palette? Answer: with a bit of color and some ethnic flair! Our latest catalog cover look takes “neutrals” which if left alone can border on boring and lifts them up into a lovely and rich space.  Neutrals are the perfect restful backdrop to a vibrant room,  the key is to mix in pops of color and rich and reflective metallic tones to keep the space from being boring.  For this room I decided to combine the ever popular neutral “gray” with a lively and warm yellow and a twist of the increasingly popular Moroccan trend. The final look was breath taking, inviting and still classic.

I started with a deep hue of warm gray for the walls and a rich walnut finish flooring. To keep these dark tones from closing in the room, my answer was mirrors. I chose our Architectural Wooden Leaner Mirror to keep the warmth in the room. The warm and worn tones of the rich wood instantly opened up the room! The authentic architectural elements they add to the space make the room feel like it has age and a “time loved” elegance.

Architectural Wooden Leaner Mirror

Then I added color and pattern. In order to keep the color and pattern from overwhelming the space I kept all the hues of yellow in the same range and all the patterns in a simple geometric. Our Curved Back Wooden Frame Arm Chair upholstered in cream linen on the front and a yellow lattice pattern on the back is framed in a yellow finished hardwood to give a modern edge to this classic chair. Our matching Half Round Nailhead Accent Ottoman adds function and a bit of casual coziness to keep the room from feeling too stiff.

Half Round Nailhead Accent Ottoman


Our fabulous Ironwork Trellis Dhurrie Rug layered with our Gray Cowhide Rug combine our color palette together and create a rich layered look.


Gray Cowhide Rug


Now it was time to turn up the volume, so in came the shiny metallic Moroccan inspired pieces such as our Hammered Metal Moroccan Hourglass Side Table , Pierced Moroccan Lantern , Pierced Metal Moroccan Table Lamp and our Hammered Metal Pendant. All of these shiny polished metals instantly gave the room a jewel-like glisten and added an ethnic flair.

Hammered Metal Moroccan Hourglass Side Table

Pierced Moroccan Lantern

Pierced Metal Moroccan Table Lamp

Hammered Metal Pendant

The keys to keeping your neutral room far from the boring zone is to add color, pattern, authentic architectural elements and some “jewels” like metallics or crystal.
I hope our latest cover look “Modern Moroccan” inspires you to jazz up your neutral color palette and be confident with color, layering looks, and adding some world traveled appeal like this popular Moroccan style.

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