Industrial Chic 2012

As we all know, industrial chic is all the rage. You see it everywhere, in every room, and mixed with every style. Why has this trend become so universally popular? Well that is simple, because it is relaxed, easy and unintimidating. So how do you make your space stand out among the rest while still embracing this trendy style?  As you will see, the answer is with unique and unexpected details that add a twist of “you”.

Here at Shades of Light we make it easy for you to find unique pieces that will make your space “SING” by designing products that embrace the authenticity and spirit of trends such as Industrial Chic. With that point of view in mind I designed our latest cover “Industrial Chic”.

I wanted to show how to create that popular industrial chic kitchen, without having it look cold and sterile. Since the kitchen is the hub of the home I wanted the look to feel warm, cozy, and inviting while still saying, “I’m unique and stylish”. There is no better way to add that warm, cozy feel to a space then through lighting. Lighting is one of the most important parts of designing a home, yet it is so often undervalued in the home building process.

I created warmth and drama in our “Industrial Chic” kitchen scene by layering the lighting. Starting of course with the work space task lighting, I choose two lanterns with a rusty texture to create that “salvaged” appeal. The lanterns provide lots of light above the rustic butcher block island. The lanterns and the butcher block also bring a bit of eclectic style to the look with softer feminine lines showing that industrial chic doesn’t have to be masculine and hard. You don’t have to have stainless steel counter tops and shiny metal finishes.  The look can be more about salvaged textures and exposed bulbs and hardware then looking like the back of your favorite restaurant.

Still working on layering the light, having provided enough lighting for a functional kitchen while still keeping it cozy and inviting; I now chose our popular “Industrial Chic Work Light Sconces” to flank the wall shelving. Whether your kitchen is open and lofty like our cover shot or you have tons of cabinet space, the layers of lighting around or under your storage area or cabinets are important in starting to create that layered, dramatic look. Having your lighting all from only one large source in the kitchen (or any other room) will make your space look flat and cold. This layer also provides more concentrated task lighting in the perimeter areas of your kitchen. I added the warm glow of our vintage style “Edison” bulbs to the sconces to really bring home that “industrial chic” appeal. You can also shop our website for the latest in LED under-cabinet lighting, where we hand-selected only the best LED lighting that will not look blue and are made to last.

Industrial Chic Work Light Sconce

3500K LED Undercabinet Light Kit Plug-in

I also added the adorable chalkboards above the shelving to give a personal touch to the room. You could use these for a menu board, grocery list, or to leave nice notes to surprise your family and friends. You could hang these chalkboards on a wall, lean them on the wall (like shown), or stand them up on their own easel style. The corbel wall shelves are also great for adding storage space where you need it while adding a bit more rustic texture and “salvaged” appeal.

Easel Blackboard

Corbel Wall Shelf

With some warm touches like a bowl of fruit, a cozy rug like our French Feedsack Stripe Rug in warm red stripe, a bar stool to pull up to the butcher block island for a bit of chit-chat in the kitchen and the look was really coming together.

French Feedsack Striped Rug

Vintage Kitchen Barstool

I felt good about the look and how I brought industrial chic into a warm and cozy kitchen; however I felt I needed just one more layer of light to really pump up the drama. This one was easy; I added our “Vintage Style Sign Letters” to the wall, spelling out the word BAKE. This added a cute and unexpected element to the room, still with that exposed bulb look that screams “industrial”. I designed these letters so that anyone could add them to their space without an electrician. They simply hang on the wall and plug in. I simply hung the letters with picture hooks, ran the wires down the back of the letters keeping them neat and straight with matching zip ties, and plugged them in. You could spell anything! I toyed with spelling the word EAT, SOUP, or even COFFEE. The great thing about these letters is the sky is the limit and you can spell whatever unique word you like that makes it your space.

I hope you found inspiration and insight in our latest cover “Industrial Chic”. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home and the lighting is one of the most important elements in that space. The lighting must serve as task lighting but also make the space inviting and fun, because we all know that a kitchen is not just for cooking. I also hope I helped you find your unique voice in this popular design trend “Industrial Chic”. My goal for you would be to have a little fun with it; don’t be afraid to be eclectic, and be sure to find that unique piece that will make your space “SING”



7 Responses to “Industrial Chic 2012”

  1. kardevil says:

    Is it possible for you to tell me where you purchased the red vintage scale featured on the shelf? Thank you.

  2. Danielle says:

    We purchased the red scale from a prop vendor. Unfortunately, I do not know a retailer who sells this exact scale.

  3. Brandi says:

    Well – the name of your blog is certainly appropriate. I was definitely inspired! I just love everything you’ve put together here. I’m going to be moving into an old farm house soon (sounds more charming than it is) and I’ve been struggling with how I want to do the kitchen. Then I saw this post – I’m more than inspired – I’m going to practically plagiarize! I’ve just ordered the tulip light fixtures, couple of wall sconces as well as the shelves. I was able to find a antique scales on (they have some great ones). I’m still trying to decide what word I want to spell out, then I’ll probably be ordering some of the letters – those are just the best! I’m also in the market for a kitchen island. When I saw the one in this photo – I gasped. It’s beautiful. Is that also from a prop vendor? Or is that available for sale somewhere? Thank you for the inspiration – now I can sleep!

  4. Walter says:

    Brandi, our intentions were to sell the kitchen island and we did. In fact, we sold all our inventory within days of the catalog being released. Unfortunately, we have been informed by our supplier that we cannot get any more of that exact kitchen island. We are looking, it’s a look we believe in and our customers are loving it as well. Would you like me to email you “options” as we come across them?

  5. Brandi says:

    That would be wonderful! Thanks so much – I’m thrilled to have found your site!

  6. Joseph says:

    Hi Walter,

    Can you please email me on the island as well? My wife saw something similar in a kitchen featured in the ever so popular decor blog Cote de Texas and have been looking everywhere for something like it. Found one in an auction in Texas, but unfortunately was outbid! Would love to surprise her with it. Thank you.

  7. Walter says:

    Haven’t forgotten about you… in fact I have yet another person working on this assignment.

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