How to create a theme without going “kitchy”

How to create a theme without going “kitchy” is the question. Don’t you just love that word “kitchy” and how it is always said with finger quotes? It is such an undesirable idea to have “kitchy” décor yet so many of us fall into that trap or run so far away from it that we forget to have fun.

Coastal Chic 2011

Coastal Chic 2011

Our latest Coastal Chic catalog cover demonstrates how you can actually have a “theme” décor yet steer clear of “kitchy”. The key is a few large, unique, and quality items that carry your theme without cluttering. Notice my three descriptive words LARGE, UNIQUE, and QUALITY. Those three words are what I will focus on as I give you my designer tips on how to create a fabulous theme room.

ch_tlDe Vine Wood Ball Chandelier, Curled Vines Floor Lamp

Let’s start with the word LARGE. Larger items make a clear and concise style statement in your space. Take our Coastal Chic cover for example. We have featured our fabulous De Vine Wood Ball Chandelier and our tall and ultra-cool Curled Vines Floor Lamp as the statement pieces in the space. The driftwood look of these pieces says “Coastal” while the size of these fixtures creates drama. What you don’t see are a lot of knick-knacks or small beachy items to create the theme. They aren’t needed because the “coastal” theme is clearly stated with just two pieces.

Next let’s cover the idea of UNIQUE. Venturing outside the box is always a great way to create impact that makes your neighbors say, “WOW, I wish I had that kind of taste and creativity!” I dare to say there are few things as unique as our De Vine Wood Ball Chandelier and in this setting it fits perfectly and creates great interest in the space.

xu_xrCoastal Stripe Dhurrie Rug, Nailhead Accent Ottoman Stool

Finally, QUALITY is what brings your theme home with high style. The idea of QUALITY goes in direct opposition of the idea of “kitchy”. So if you implement quality finishes and textures into your space you are sure to create a look that is highly styled and desirable. For example, our hand-knotted Coastal Stripe Dhurrie Rug grounds this cover look with a durable texture that says “casual yet sophisticated”. Our Nailhead Accent Ottoman Stool also adds a rich texture that without might leave the space lacking. Finally, the texture and color of both Vine lighting fixture fills the space with Mother Nature’s unmatchable style. With the idea of “less is more” in mind, purchasing a hand full of quality items instead of a cluttered room full of cheaper, lesser quality items may actually save you money while giving you the fabulous home you have always wanted.

Coastal Chic

Coastal Chic

I hope with these easy tips you will not be afraid of the word “kitchy” and know that you too can have fun and create a fabulous theme room that has sophisticated style.

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