High Point Spring Market Trend Report: Bright Horizons

Author: Ashton

1. Bright happy colors were bursting all over High Point at the 2011 Spring Market. These were confident colors, colors that say: “I have once again proved to myself and others that I can weather whatever (economic) storms come my way; and furthermore, I am stronger for the challenge.” Pantone’s Luminous turquoise (2010 color of the year) and Honeysuckle Pink (2011 color of the year) led the parade, starring against neutral backgrounds of linen, white, and gray. Orange, yellow, red, peacock, and deep purple closely trailed the “winners” as robust accent colors.

Beaded Basket Chandelier, Colored Seeded Glass Pendants, Jonathan Adler Colored Glass Bottle Table Lamp

New Modern Spindle Table Lamp, Indoor/Outdoor Summer Trellis Hooked Rug, Sassy Ceramic Table Lamp
2. Gold leaf and metallics continue to grow stronger and more luminous, gold less antiqued, silver going shiny, and bronze going high gloss.

3. Furnishings everywhere had a story, a story of how we are more than ever so very interconnected with each other in both time and space. Whether it was a story that reconnected us with past history (reclaimed floors made into furniture, antique ship’s pulleys made into pendant lights, or old dressers repainted), or perhaps the story was one of our ongoing eco-responsibility to each other, with a continued focus on renewable resources (bamboo, seagrass, copper, etc.). At times the stories were more emotional that intellectual, as there were many stories about exotic travels and fabulous finds. All these stories had one common ingredient; they provided a reason for the consumer to be engaged with the product. The stories showed how the products were already a part of the end users life whether they yet knew it or not. Shop our Reclaimed products here.

Reclaimed Industrial Grid Lens Pendant, Rustic Chic Ironwork Table Lamp, Rotor Pendant

4. Made in America: These vendors have a “story” too but the overwhelming pride I saw in these companies led me to give it its own category! This is a growing request from the consumer and thus with the manufacturers! Shop our Made in America products here.

Chic Indoor/Outdoor Rugs, Richmond Outdoor Hanging Lantern, LED Pencil Head Pharmacy Floor Lamp

5. Giving back is a rising theme. In these economic times when all charities are feeling squeezed, we are seeing prospering companies donating a % of sales to their causes, not just for marketing purposes but because they genuinely want to give back.

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