Do-it-Yourself Holiday Decorating

Author: Katrina

Thanksgiving is almost here and most of us are thinking ahead to the dreaded tornado of Christmas decorating.

For some,  it may not be that big of a deal.  Pull the tree out of the attic, throw the same tired old ornaments on it and then plop back down with a hot cocoa to finish watching the game. Done deal.  However, for me this just won’t do.  And I am guessing that if you are reading this blog you are much more like me than not.

So for those of you who love the end results, who get joy from a beautifully decorated home keep reading because I am about to make your life much easier. I am going to share with you some of my decorating secrets as well as tons of great ideas to spiff up your home in a jiffy.

So let’s get straight into it:

Secret #1: To make your home feel like a winter wonderland you have to decorate more than just your tree.

This one is pretty simple but does take a little bit of creativity. As you flip through magazines to get inspired for your holiday decorating you will notice one recurring thing, they decorate the entire house or at least the entire room. Ideas to help you do this: cut some greenery from outside, rinse and dry it and create a mantel garland, a table center piece, or stuff some different sized vases with greenery and place them all together on a hall table to create an entryway masterpiece. So far you haven’t even spent any money and you have already began to decorate your entire home. Add some ornaments, some fake snow, and some of our fabulous LED candles (so you don’t burn your house down) and bam you have yourself a winter wonderland.

Cordless Real Wax LED Candle with Remote

Secret # 2: Decorate your tree with unusual items.

One of my biggest secrets when decorating my tree I picked up from my mom. She is a genius when it comes to creative decorating. She takes white-poly pillow stuffing you can buy at your local fabric store and feathers it out in thin whisps, lays them gently among the branches of the tree to look like snow. Sprinkle and little glitter on top and it truly does the job. My unusual item, floral picks. You can buy a ton of them at the craft store for next to nothing and stuff the tree FULL. Add a few of your precious (more costly) ornaments and you have a full tree that looks fabulous. Here is a glimpse of my tree as an example.


Secret # 3: Create a fabulous tree topper

Tree toppers aren’t tricky; you just have to not be afraid to make a statement. I like to stuff long floral picks around some frosty looking branches. I wish I had our new White LED willow branches for my tree last year. It would have taken my tree to the next level. But there is always this year right!?!


Secret # 4: Decorate your chandelier

This has become a huge trend among creative decorators over the last few years and I am loving it. Adding holiday chandelier shades, some ornaments, and even a little greenery can take your dining/entertaining area from ordinary to HOLIDAY FUN easily. If you are having a party you don’t want to leave your table hum-drum. So jazz up the chandelier and let the lights in the room work for you.

Since we have tons of chandeliers here at Shades of Light, I decided to give this one a shot myself. I took our fabulous rustic chic Twig Chandelier and transformed it into a whimsical holiday “treeland” themed work of art. I started with our new Peacock Feather Chandelier Shades.

Peacock Feather Chandelier Shade

Added our LED willow lights for more sparkle

LED Lighted Willow Branches

then stuffed the chandelier with peacock feathers and glittery berry picks. I was quite pleased with the results.


Here is another version of the same chandelier.


I call this my “winter wonderland” chandelier. I added our White Crochet Chandelier Shades.

White Crochet Chandelier Shades

Again, our LED willow lights.

LED Lighted Willow Branches

And some flocked evergreen branches and some sparkling sequin branches from the crafts store. Presto chango.

Want some more ideas? I knew you did. Ok, I can oblige.

Take our fabulous white shaded chandelier. Add our Holly Berry silk chain cover.

ch08057_bluebg_ab09 mc09003re-573-1
Organza Shade & Crystal Chandelier, Silk Chandelier Chain Cover

Hang some red and white ornaments from the chandelier arms and you have created a masterpiece worthy of Macy’s on West 34th St.

Try our red of green Provence Acanthus French Iron Chandelier.
Provence Acanthus French Iron Chandelier

Plus one of our fabulous Christmas shades and some whimsical chandelier candle sleeves.
6″ Handpainted Metal Chandelier Shade, kaarskoker 4″ Polka Dot Candle Sleeve Covers

And you have a fun, whimsical Christmas kids and adults would both love.

Want an elegant silver and gold Christmas?

Try our French Knot Chandelier. Which is featured in a fabulous polished nickel finish.

French Knot Chandelier

Add our Gold silk chain cover and Fleur-di-Lis Chandelier shades in gold and cream.

Silk Chandelier Chain Cover, 5.5″ Handpainted Fleur de Lis Chandelier Shade

Hang some silver and gold ornaments from the arms. Lovely huh? I like it!

Add our LED willow branches to your garland, centerpiece, or anywhere else you might want to add a touch of light. You can put them where you want easily because they are battery operated!

LED Lighted Willow Branches

Finally don’t forget to add some comfy holiday pillows to your sofa,

Hooked Snowflake Pillows

And a welcoming holiday mat to your front door for guests.

Poinsettia Holiday Hooked Rug, Paula Deen Snowmen Rug

And you’re finished!

Don’t forget to send me your holiday decorating pictures. I want to see your creative ideas too and share them with our readers!

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5 Responses to “Do-it-Yourself Holiday Decorating”

  1. These are great tips and I love how you showed not only pictures to go with them, but how to do the chandelier a couple of different ways! If you don’t mind, I’m going to do a post on my own blog mentioning yours and direct my readers your way with a link. Have a great holiday!

  2. Jo Trout says:

    I adore the led branches! Thanks for some wonderful ideas – I always decorate the entire room, but who knew the chandeliers could look this good!?

  3. cindy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your Christmas decorating ideas and loved the twig chandelier! Both versions of it are inspired and beautiful.

  4. Katrina says:

    HI Kathy! We would love for you to mention this on your blog! Thanks!!

  5. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Great ideas. I plan to implement one or two in my holiday decorating.

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