Contemporary Flair 2014

Take a Sneak Peak at our newest Catalog!  Full of great design ideas and ways to quickly update your home, the newest Shades of Light Catalog is about to hit your mailbox. Until you receive your own personal copy, get your design fix here in our catalog preview.

The New Gold is a far cry from the shiny lacquered brass of the 70’s and 80’s so don’t be afraid to experiment with this luxurious metallic. Explore the Golden Touch.

Take a look at how one chair, in multiple colors, can fit so many settings ranged from classic to bohemian. Our color block accent chair is like a chameleon of décor. Watch it adapt in your home. Looking for that perfect chair? Come see what other options shade of light has to offer here.

Maximize a small space by using our tall window lattice mirror or any of these great reflective styles.

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