Behind the Scenes: Our Rustic Revival Catalog

Author: Katrina

Does the word “rustic” make you think of deer antlers and bear motifs?? Well, as much as I truly feel that those things find their place in a lodge home, rustic décor has evolved into so much more than “theme”. Apply named, our latest cover “Rustic Revival” demonstrates the newest level of sophistication that “rustic décor” has reached. The key elements to the evolution of this new look are rich textures, repurposed materials and warm hues. Rustic is no longer for just the mountain retreat you visit for your winter vacation. It finds its place in lodge homes, city lofts and place in between. An added industrial edge has taken rustic in a new direction where creative minds break all the traditional rules and repurpose items to fit their needs. This is where my story begins.

Rustic Revival 2011

Rustic Revival 2011

This covers story begins with a trip to one of my favorite antique shops. I love to walk the aisles hunting for inspiration and treasures. I found the most interesting set of wooden beads, probably an old necklace, strung on rope. The hand-carved texture drew me to them as well as the soft gray hue. I thought, “Perhaps these were a handmade gift from a father to his daughter. What a fun story!” I had a moment of true inspiration and the result was our latest exclusive chandelier.

ch10094gyBeaded Basket Chandelier

A traditional basket chandelier, usually comprised of crystal strands, was recreated in rustic style with “my wooden beads”. The texture of the grayed wood bead looks hand-carved just like the original and the rope strand adds a unique and unexpected detail. I wanted the beads to glow with warmth so I designed the chandelier with lights on the inside as well the outside. I was so pleased with the results and find that this chandelier would be perfect for rustic as well as city dwellings.

I took my inspired chandelier and created our cover room setting around its warm texture. I chose a cool blue wall color to contrast all the warm textures in the space. I wanted to carry the “repurposed” theme throughout the room so I thought of using one of our many wooden pallets we have lying around as a headboard. I also had our design team create an entire wall using reclaimed wood from our pallets for the back cover setting (click here to read that story). The headboard brought to life the industrial element I desired for the space as well as the rustic texture.

Round Cowhide Mirror

I added our Round Cowhide Mirror above the headboard along with two iron horse shoes for that “whimsical” element and again more layers of texture. Burlap fabrics in complementing neutrals continue to warm the space wrapping it in soft texture.

Distressed Leather Steamer Trunk Side Table

As the room came together, I felt the need to ground the space. I chose our Distressed Leather Steamer Trunk Side Table to continue the thread of deep bronze flowing through the space which started with the chandelier. The warm leather texture of the side table strapped with wood and nail-head trim again added even more interesting texture to the space.

Dhurrie Ticking Stripe Rug

Finally, I pulled it all together with the hues in our durable Dhurrie Ticking Stripe Rug. It combined the wall color with the warm tan burlap hue from the bedding and curtains. It grounds the space with color without making the room seem heavy. Its flat woven texture gives the room its casual appeal. The result was a room I felt I could truly snuggle up in to relax with my favorite book. Don’t we all want a space like that?

My hope is that you can use our “rustic revival” products to create that new rustic look in your space. Just remember my three simple elements to creating this look: repurposed, textured, and warm hues.

Until next time.

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8 Responses to “Behind the Scenes: Our Rustic Revival Catalog”

  1. Great looking room! Your concept for the basket chandelier—with internal illumination, as well as external—is fantastic. And I really like the look of the “pulled-together finds” that define this room’s dĂ©cor.

  2. Lisa says:

    What is the name of the paint color you used?

  3. Walter says:

    Lisa, we custom made the paint color you see on the wall. It is pretty close to the Sherwin Williams color #6501

  4. evangeline fagan says:

    I love your ideas, great use of pallets , i got loads of them, keep up the good work, i am so proud of you all

  5. Lynn says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this room and want to re-create it. Would you do the same chandelier on the other side of the bed to balance or not? I’m a novice! Thanks!

  6. Walter says:

    You could…. using the fixtures as bed side lamps over a night stand.
    Welcome to the world of design. You’ve joined at a very exciting time!

  7. Rebecca says:

    I was wondering where you bought those curtains.

  8. Walter says:

    Hello Rebecca, I’m afraid that information is lost to history; this photo was taken late 2010. We may have even stenciled that ourselves but I’m not sure.

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