Metal Strap Drum Pendant

We always enjoy seeing our lights and rugs in their new homes, so we were excited when @megmen shared the below photos of our YHL Metal Strap Drum Pendant on Instragram. We can’t get enough of the amazing cast shadows! Have Instagram photos of our products you’d like to share? Simply @ShadesofLight or #ShadesofLight. We’d love to see them!

Young House Love Metal Strap Drum Pendant

Young House Love Metal Strap Drum Pendant

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2 Responses to “Metal Strap Drum Pendant”

  1. Liz says:

    While the new drum pendant is beautiful, I have to ask about the large lighted letter “M” on top of the cabinets! Any chance you can let me know where to get one? Or was it a salvage sort of find? Thanks!

  2. Walter says:

    Hello Liz, this is a photo of a customer’s home. When speaking with our customer that topic didn’t come up. I can however, show you something similiar:
    I hope that helps.
    Thanks for your enquiry.

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