Chris Loves Julia’s Stairwell Update

As you might know, choosing a light for a stairwell can be a daunting task as there are many things to consider. This includes the amount of light supplied for safer stair ascending as well as how hard the light is to clean and¬†how the light looks from different angles including¬†eye-level. Over on the blog Chris Loves Julia, our Be Squared Modern Chandelier took residence in their stairwell and¬†the result is phenomenal. It was hinted that the final decision may or may not have¬†been swayed by ‚Äúa commenter that said the cube felt like an art installation‚ÄĚ.

@ChrisLovesJulia Be Squared Modern Chandelier 8

The asymmetrical design and use of mixed metals adds a modern element to this stately chandelier that feels like a work of art. With¬†brass accents¬†and¬†bronze finish,¬†the light is “interesting from all angles, which is something you want with a stairwell light”.¬†See the inspirational transformation for yourself below:

@ChrisLovesJulia Be Squared Modern Chandelier 1

@ChrisLovesJulia Be Squared Modern Chandelier 3
@ChrisLovesJulia Be Squared Modern Chandelier 5

@ChrisLovesJulia Be Squared Modern Chandelier 6

@ChrisLovesJulia Be Squared Modern Chandelier 7


Read more about this fantastic install over on Chris Loves Julia.

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