BHG Kitchen + Bath Ideas Jan/Feb 2013

Our bamboo trellis mirror was part of an Asian¬†influence¬†story in the January/February 2013 issue of Kitchen + Bath Idea (BHG Special Interest Publication). Coveted for it’s aged gold finish, this mirror can create a zen, calming effect in any room!

Bamboo Trellis Mirror

Bamboo Trellis Mirror

2 Responses to “BHG Kitchen + Bath Ideas Jan/Feb 2013”

  1. Tiffany taylor says:

    My mother in law to be is really in love with the chandeliers on the cover of your january/February 2013 kitchen and bath idea issue. Do you sell these or know where she can get them? It would be highly appreciated.

  2. Walter says:

    Tiffany, the only reference that I have left from that Jan/Feb. 2013 issue is this blog article and unfortunately the cover lighting is obscured by the headline type…. the pendants are just about completely covered.
    I can not make out what pendants were used in that cover shot. I’ve asked around and well since we do a lot of projects with BHG and in this instance there just isn’t enough image for us to see in order to remember what was used on this cover shot. Sorry.

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