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What’s Trending 2015

Oversized Larger than light! For a lighting fixture that doubles as a style making centerpiece, think big! Copper Accents Time to embrace the natural beauty and warmth of copper, a surprisingly sleek and sophisticated metal. Mismatched Seating A collection of chairs can add character and charm to a space, feeling like a coveted collection of seating perfection. […]

Chris Loves Julia’s Stairwell Update

As you might know, choosing a light for a stairwell can be a daunting task as there are many things to consider. This includes the amount of light supplied for safer stair ascending as well as how hard the light is to clean and how the light looks from different angles including eye-level. Over on the blog […]

Traditional Home April 2015

Go bold with Orange! Our Pop Color Modern Ceramic Table Lamp demands attention in a bright shade of Orange with Aqua lined shade.

Tips & Techniques

Need help figuring out what size your chandelier or outdoor light should be? How many lamps do you need in your living room? How much wattage do you need in your new bathroom? Or any other decorating question check out our tips & techniques to find out more!