Hip to be Square Area Rug

Hip to be Square Area Rug

With today's trending geometric patterns, this hip combination of squared shapes is in perfect symmetry. Available in large room size rugs and runners, for your bedroom, living and dining areas with 3 color options. Select Brown on steel gray with ivory accents, Green sage on beige with cream accents, or silver Gray on tan with ivory accents. 100% wool. Imported.

Product SKU: XH14003 0208BN
Price:  $ 495.00

5' x 8'Brown, beige, gray $980.00
5' x 8'Green sage, beige, cream $980.00
5' x 8'Gray, tan, ivory $980.00
8' x 10'Gray, tan, ivory $1960.00
8' x 10'Brown, beige, gray $1960.00
8' x 10'Green sage, beige, cream $1960.00
9' x 12'Gray, tan, ivory $2595.00
9' x 12'Brown, beige, gray $2595.00
9' x 12'Green sage, beige, cream $2595.00
2'6"x8'runnerBrown, beige, gray $495.00
2'6"x 8'runnerGreen sage, beige, cream $495.00
2'6"x12'runnerGreen sage, beige, cream $735.00
2'6"x12'runnerGray, tan, ivory $735.00
2'6"x12'runnerBrown, beige, gray $735.00
2'6"x 8'runnerGray, tan, ivory $495.00
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