Hand-Weave Multi-Stripe Rug

Hand-Weave Multi-Stripe Rug

This neutral blue hue rug has a hand-woven construction that will beautifully complement transitional home decor. This rug will add a soft, natural accent to your room. Choose from three available colors: Blue/Gray, Navy Blue, and Beige/Soft Blue. Available in two sizes: 5'x7'6" and 7'9"x10'6". Hand-Woven. Cotton, Foil, Leather, Jute. Imported.

Product SKU: XH15105 0508BG
Price:  $ 507.00

5'x7'6"Blue, Gray $507.00
5'x7'6"Navy Blue $507.00
5'x7'6"Beige, Light Blue $507.00
7'9"x10'6"Beige, Light Blue $1101.00
7'9"x10'6"Blue, Gray $1101.00
7'9"x10'6"Navy Blue $1101.00
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