Hand-Knotted Mirage Appearance Rug

Hand-Knotted Mirage Appearance Rug

Modern Blue hues characterize this sophisticated rug. The luxurious sheen creates an illusion of pattern fading in and out, creating a different look at every angle. This captivating design is perfect for any modern interior looking to make a bold statement. Hand Knotted. Hand-Spun Vegetable Dyed Wool. Made in India.

Product SKU: XE15011 0203BL
Price:  $ 450.00

2'x3'Denim $450.00
5'6"x8'6"Denim $3346.00
7'9"x9'9"Denim $5148.00
8'6"x11'6"Denim $6978.00
9'6"x13'6"Denim $10626.00
12'x15'Denim $15979.00
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