Glass Globe and Crystal Pendant Light

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Glass Globe and Crystal Pendant Light - Polished Nickel Polished Nickel

Glass Globe and Crystal Pendant Light

Elegant and sophisticated, with a modern look for today's interiors, this unique pendant light glimmers with tiers of crystal pendalogues inside a clear glass globe. A smart look, with easy cleaning! 40 watt candle socket. (10"Hx12"W) 5' wire and hanging cable. 5" x 1" high round chrome canopy.

Product SKU: PE14102 PN
Price:  $ 299.00

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Customer Reviews

Love these lights. Kind of a pain to put up tho. I submitted a review months ago and it is not showing up. Probably because i mentioned it did NOT come with instructions. Also, You have to make sure you measure your length very carefully, because the wire it hangs on....once you pull it through the holding mechanism, there is no way of reversing the action. Also the glass bowl, you really have to putz with to make it sit straight. I have 3 of them, and i must have spent an hour up and down the ladder on the counter adjusting the glass bowl. If you love the look of these, it's worth the hassle once you get them done......but if you're on the may want to look for something else. I have to say, i'm not looking forward to the 1st time i need to clean much putzing will i need to do again to make the glass bowl hang properly?

I actually would give this 5 stars for the beauty of it. This light is really AWESOME, and i love it. HOWEVER, the directions it came with were terrible. It was literally just a diagram of where all the parts go. Ok, so the 1st of 3 that i hung took about an hour....the two after that took about 30-40 min each. Playing with the leveling took probably another 30 minutes for all 3 combined. Overall, it was very frustrating. BUT, I completely LOVE the look of this light over my island. Wish i could submit a picture for you.

This was the best