Fretwork Corners Dhurrie Rug

Fretwork Corners Dhurrie Rug

Fretwork corner accents in vibrant color combos infuse your decor with lively chic style. 100% wool dhurrie rug comes in Green, Gray, Cream; Aqua Turquoise Blue, Lime Green, Cream; Fuchsia Pink, Orange, Wine; Bright Navy Blue, Olive, Ivory; Orange, Grey, Taupe; Taupe, Mushroom, Spa Blue; or Cream, Raspberry, Orange. Imported. (Specify size and color when ordering)

Limited Quantity Available

Product SKU: XR13032 0203GN
Price:  $ 65.00

2'x3'Cream, Raspberry, Orange $79.00
2'x3'Orange, Grey, Taupe $65.00 WAS $79.00
2'x3'Green, Gray, Cream $65.00 WAS $79.00
3'3"x5'3"Orange, Grey, Taupe $199.00
3'3"x5'3"Taupe, Mushroom, Spa Blue $199.00
3'3"x5'3"Cream, Raspberry, Orange $199.00
5'x8' Aqua Turquoise Blue, Lime Green{S| 449| $385.00
5'x8' Bright Navy Blue, Olive, Ivory $385.00 WAS $449.00
8'x11' Bright Navy Blue, Olive, Ivory{S| 899| $825.00
8'x11'Cream, Raspberry, Orange $899.00
8'x11'Orange, Grey, Taupe $899.00
8'x11'Taupe, Mushroom, Spa Blue $899.00
2'6"x8' RunnerCream, Raspberry, Orange $243.00
2'6"x8' RunnerOrange, Grey, Taupe $243.00
2'6"x8' RunnerTaupe, Mushroom, Spa Blue $243.00
2'6"x8' RunnerFuchsia Pink, Orange{S| 243 $209.00
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