Distressed Lattice Rug

Distressed Lattice Rug

This rug puts a twist on traditional taupe with an overlay of faded lattice print in a pop of color. Choose between fuchsia and coral or navy and hunter green to create visual interest in any room with ease. Machine-Woven. 100% Polypropylene. Imported.

Product SKU: XH15147 0406NV
Price:  $ 199.00

4'x5'9"Taupe, Navy, Green $199.00
4'x5'9"Taupe, Pink, Orange $199.00
5'3"x7'6"Taupe, Navy, Green $349.00
5'3"x7'6"Taupe, Pink, Orange $349.00
6'7"x9'1"Taupe, Navy, Green $599.00
6'7"x9'1"Taupe, Pink, Orange $599.00
7'10"x10'10"Taupe, Navy, Green $749.00
7'10"x10'10"Taupe, Pink, Orange $749.00
9'9"x12'2"Taupe, Navy, Green $1099.00
9'9"x12'2"Taupe, Pink, Orange $1099.00
7'8" RoundTaupe, Pink, Orange $599.00
7'8" RoundTaupe, Navy, Green $599.00
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