Colorful Leaves Indoor Outdoor Rug

Colorful Leaves Indoor Outdoor Rug

A collage of colorful leaves creates a carpet for your porch, dining area or family room that is both designer and durable. Choose from cool coastal tones of aqua, gold and sage on a field of Blue or warm earthy shades of rust, slate, aqua and gold on a field of Brown. Soft looped polypropylene fibers are easy care for indoor outdoor use and can be rinsed off with a hose for cleaning. Imported.

Product SKU: XO14014 0204BL
Price:  $ 69.00

2'3"x 3'9"Blue, aqua, gold, sage $69.00
2'3"x 3'9"Brown, slate, rust, gold, a $69.00
3'6" x 5' 6"Blue, aqua, gold, sage $159.00
3'6" x 5' 6"Brown, slate, rust, gold, $159.00
5' x 7'6"Brown, slate, rust, gold, aqua $299.00
5' x 7'6"Blue, aqua, gold, sage $299.00
7'6" x 9'6"Blue, aqua, gold, sage $569.00
7'6" x 9'6"Brown, slate, rust, gold, $569.00
9'3" x 13'Blue, aqua, gold, sage $1079.00
9'3" x 13'Brown, slate, rust, gold, aqua $1079.00
7'10"roundBlue, aqua, gold, sage $489.00
7'10"roundBrown, slate, rust, gold, aqua $489.00
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