Classic Zig Zag Stitch Wool Woven Rug

Classic Zig Zag Stitch Wool Woven Rug

Simplistic and environmentally responsible natural woven wool rug. Natural variations in weave and shading make this rug distinctive and unique along with its classic zig zag stitch. Choose from seven available color options: Paige Beige, Battleship Gray, Basil, Light House Blue, Ruby, Desert Tan and Midnight Michelle. This rug features a serged edge and custom fit rug pad to hold your rug in place on any surface. Various size options are available. 100% Wool. Made in U.S.A.

Product SKU: XH15134 0305BG
Price:  $ 280.00

3'x5'Natural with Brown $280.00
3'x5'Natural with Light Blue $280.00
3'x5'Natural with Basil Green $280.00
3'x5'Natural with Grey $280.00
3'x5'Natural with Red $280.00
3'x5'Natural with Black $280.00
3'x5'Natural with Beige $280.00
4'x6'Natural with Black $418.00
4'x6'Natural with Basil Green $418.00
4'x6'Natural with Beige $418.00
4'x6'Natural with Grey $418.00
4'x6'Natural with Brown $418.00
4'x6'Natural with Light Blue $418.00
4'x6'Natural with Red $418.00
5'x8'Natural with Light Blue $657.00
5'x8'Natural with Brown $657.00
5'x8'Natural with Grey $657.00
5'x8'Natural with Red $657.00
5'x8'Natural with Black $657.00
5'x8'Natural with Beige $657.00
5'x8'Natural with Basil Green $657.00
6'x9'Natural with Grey $859.00
6'x9'Natural with Light Blue $859.00
6'x9'Natural with Basil Green $859.00
6'x9'Natural with Black $859.00
6'x9'Natural with Beige $859.00
6'x9'Natural with Red $859.00
6'x9'Natural with Brown $859.00
8'x10'Natural with Black $1228.45
8'x10'Natural with Basil Green $1228.45
8'x10'Natural with Grey $1228.45
8'x10'Natural with Red $1228.45
8'x10'Natural with Brown $1228.45
8'x10'Natural with Light Blue $1228.45
8'x10'Natural with Beige $1228.45
9'x12'Natural with Light Blue $1228.00
9'x12'Natural with Red $1228.00
9'x12'Natural with Black $1228.00
9'x12'Natural with Brown $1228.00
9'x12'Natural with Beige $1228.00
9'x12'Natural with Basil Green $1228.00
9'x12'Natural with Grey $1228.00
10'x14'Natural with Basil Green $2355.00
10'x14'Natural with Brown $2355.00
10'x14'Natural with Red $2355.00
10'x14'Natural with Light Blue $2355.00
10'x14'Natural with Black $2355.00
10'x14'Natural with Grey $2355.00
10'x14'Natural with Beige $2355.00
12'x15'Natural with Grey $2619.00
12'x15'Natural with Light Blue $2619.00
12'x15'Natural with Red $2619.00
12'x15'Natural with Beige $2619.00
12'x15'Natural with Black $2619.00
12'x15'Natural with Brown $2619.00
12'x15'Natural with Basil Green $2619.00
2'5"x 9' runnerNatural with Brown $415.00
2'5"x 9' runnerNatural with Basil Green $415.00
2'5"x 9' runnerNatural with Red $415.00
2'5"x 9' runnerNatural with Light Blue $415.00
2'5"x 9' runnerNatural with Beige $415.00
2'5"x 9' runnerNatural with Grey $415.00
2'5"x 9' runnerNatural with Black $415.00
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