City Hues Solid Bordered Rug

City Hues Solid Bordered Rug

Unmistakable luxury is underfoot in stylish neutral hues of solid color bordered in a complementing neutral band. Select from Pale Gray, Charcoal, Golden Tan and Taupe creating a perfect platform for any room. 100% wool plush pile construction. Imported. (Specify color and size when ordering)

Product SKU: XH1208 0203TN
Price:  $ 65.00

2'x3'Pale Gray and Steel Gray $65.00
2'x3'Taupe, Light Gray, Pale Taupe $65.00
2'x3'Golden Tan and Beige $65.00
3'3"x5'3"Pale Gray and Steel Gray $165.00
3'3"x5'3"Taupe, Light Gray, Pale Taup $165.00
3'3"x5'3"Charcoal and Pale Taupe $165.00
5'x7'6"Taupe, Light Gray, Pale Taupe $325.00
5'x7'6"Charcoal and Pale Taupe $325.00
5'x7'6"Pale Gray and Steel Gray $325.00
5'x7'6"Golden Tan and Beige $325.00
8'x10'Charcoal and Pale Taupe $725.00
8'x10'Taupe, Light Gray, Pale Taupe $725.00
8'x10'Pale Gray and Steel Gray $725.00
2'6"x8' RunnerPale Gray and Steel Gray $209.00
2'6"x8' RunnerGolden Tan and Beige $209.00
2'6"x8' RunnerTaupe, Light Gray, Pale Tau $209.00
2'6"x8' RunnerCharcoal and Pale Taupe $209.00
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