Bright Seaside Hand-Tufted Rug

Bright Seaside Hand-Tufted Rug

Fun, bold colors define this seaside inspired rug. Images of coral showcase the rug's beachy appearance. This rug is perfect for either a vacation home or your everyday living space. Available in four different colors: Silver Birch & Indian Teal, Apricot Brandy & Doe Skin, Atlantic Deep & Silver Birch, and Doe Skin & Silver Birch. This hand-tufted rug strikes a perfect balance between style and comfort. Hand-Tufted. 100% Wool. Imported.

Product SKU: XH15081 0203BL
Price:  $ 66.00

2'x3'Silver Burch, Indian Teal $66.00
2'x3'Apricot Brandy, Doe Skin $66.00
2'x3'Doe Skin, Silver Birch $66.00
2'x3'Atlantic Deep,Silver Birch $66.00
3'6"x5'6"Doe Skin, Silver Birch $196.00
3'6"x5'6"Apricot Brandy, Doe Skin $196.00
3'6"x5'6"Atlantic Deep,Silver Birch $196.00
3'6"x5'6"Silver Burch, Indian Teal $196.00
5'x8'Doe Skin, Silver Birch $370.00
5'x8'Silver Burch, Indian Teal $370.00
5'x8'Apricot Brandy, Doe Skin $370.00
5'x8'Atlantic Deep,Silver Birch $370.00
8'x11'Doe Skin, Silver Birch $814.00
8'x11'Apricot Brandy, Doe Skin $814.00
8'x11'Silver Burch, Indian Teal $814.00
8'x11'Atlantic Deep,Silver Birch $814.00
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