60 Watt Krypton Extra Bright Bulb
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60 Watt Krypton Extra Bright Bulb

60 watt Krypton Chandelier Bulb : 120 Volt B10 Candelabra (E12) Decorative Light Bulb The use of Krypton gas in incandescent light bulbs results in high efficiencies and longer lamp life. Krypton gas possesses a heavier molecular structure and a higher atomic weight than the standard argon gas, thus insuring slower circulation and heat transmission resulting in slower tungsten filament evaporation. Slower filament evaporation results in reduced blackening of the lamp walls and higher maintained lumen output. The Krypton gas also eliminates most of the yellow hues and gives off a whiter light. 720 Lumens. 3 7/8" length and 1.25" diameter. Dimmable.

Product SKU: BU08001
Price:  $ 1.95

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